Friday, February 19, 2010

Psydchic Stitch makes their debut!!!

Psydchic Stitch does not like to interfere but was particularly concerned that their hero Captain Plaknit's work kept slipping too far down this pole, going unnoticed by passers by and potentially being urinated on by passing dogs.

Psydchic Stitch came to the rescue with a cunning plan to raise this masterful yarn tag from the pavement to be appreciated once again! Continue your good work Captain Plaknit! :)


  1. dear psydchic stitch,

    very much in admiration of your super-hero strategy to save a yarn tag. most appreciated!

    with our crafty talents combined . . .

    captain plaknit

  2. Why thank you Captain...

    You will soon find us in other locations watching over your fine work from a safe distance, ready to assist as needed.

    Think or us as Robin to your Batman, or perhaps more appropriately Penfold to your Danger Mouse!

    Godspeed Captain!

  3. Every super hero needs a side-kick, espeically a clever and crafty team who pick up the stitches where they are dropped!!

    LOVE the Danger Mouse reference - he is a fave super hero of mine!!

    Look forward to more stitches on the street . ..

    over and out,